We stock a wide range of original reclaimed doors which can be fully restored by our expert team. See examples here.
We also supply fully bespoke custom made doors to your exact specifications, in a variety of popular styles.

All Doors

All Doors

Browse our entire range of doors for ideas and inspiration.

Bespoke Doors

Bespoke Doors

New doors made from high quality hardwood or softwood.

Restored Doors

Original doors we have already restored, with optional glazing.


External/internal reclaimed doors available as-seen or restored.

Bespoke Hardwood/Softwood Doors

New and fully bespoke doors handmade in Manchester using high quality hardwood or softwood.
Made in the traditional English methods and styles. Bespoke glazing is optional and furniture packs are also available.

Bespoke Victorian Doors

Victorian Doors

Fully bespoke soft or hardwood doors in popular Victorian styles.

Edwardian Doors

Fully bespoke soft or hardwood doors in popular Edwardian styles.

Bespoke 1930s Doors

1930’s Doors

Fully bespoke soft or hardwood doors in popular 1930’s styles.

Bespoke Art Deco Doors

Art Deco Doors

Fully bespoke soft or hardwood doors in popular Art Deco styles.

Original Reclaimed Doors

Our original doors are available as-seen or with our complete restoration service at an additional cost.
Glazing is entirely optional. Any glass panels on display can be removed, changed or re-created to your specifications at an additional cost.

All Reclaimed Doors

Reclaimed Doors

Take a look at our entire range of original reclaimed doors.

Reclaimed External Doors

External Doors

External and exterior reclaimed doors ideal for entrances.

Internal Doors

Internal and interior reclaimed doors ideal for inside the home.

Double Doors

Reclaimed double doors and french doors ideal for large entrances.

Restored Reclaimed Doors

We often restore original doors which we have sourced from around the UK. This includes full paint stripping and repairs to the old joints, locks and beading. Some of these doors are kept in stock, available to buy. Doors can be sourced and restored upon request, so please get in touch.

Restored Victorian Doors

Restored Doors

Completely original doors, now fully restored and in stock.

Additional Options

We also provide additional options such as door frames and door furniture.

Door Frames

We also supply custom door frames and casings, available with money saving draught-proofing.

Door Furniture

Door Furniture

We also supply a huge range of door furniture such as door knobs, knockers and letter plates.

Door Stripping


Get your doors or wooden furniture tank-dipped or hand stripped by our expert team.

Completed Door Projects

Completed Projects

Take a look through the many unique door projects we have completed for inspiration.

Contact Details

If you need help shopping with us, or if you are looking for some advice, please do get in touch with us by calling: 0161 477 8980.
Alternatively meet us face to face at our showroom located in Stockport, Manchester, learn more here.