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We offer dipping for internal doors and hand stripping for hardwood or external doors.
Please read below for further details on our stripping process and the costs involved.

The stripping of doors has been around since the early 1980’s, removing the numerous coats of paints on each door and leaving a generally good timber surface to prepare and then varnish, wax or oil, ready for repainting. Stripping can remove coats of paint so thick that any beautiful moulding of the door can be revealed. Door stripping is a very successful method, relatively cheap and can save you a great deal of work, plus the costs of materials.

However please note the following:

Since the late 1980’s many previously stripped doors were repainted. The choice of paints used has changed dramatically to include water-based and cellulose based paints. These paints can sometimes create a problem if you wish to re-dip your door.

Water based paints are very hard to remove, simply because they are water-based products and the process of stripping a door is mainly carried out using a very diluted chemical in water.

Cellulose is difficult as it sinks into the top few mm of the door and clings; hence some doors strip hardly at all whilst in others it may lift the grain. This is more noticeable on modern doors and furniture. If the grain does lift the item will be okay, however there is then quite a considerable amount of preparation to be done.

Stripped Doors

Colour based stains, particularly the mahogany based stains, are almost impossible to remove – this very heavy red dye has sunk into the surface of the door. All doors that have had any of these treatments therefore come with a warning as once the process of stripping has started we cannot stop it.

Finally sometimes it is just impossible to tell whether a door has had these types of treatment, (perhaps you have just moved house and don’t know) so we all then unfortunately just have to take a chance.

Internal Door Stripping Service

All internal door fittings should be removed if possible, before sending your door for stripping. Any fittings left on the door will increase the costs.

  • Each remaining hinge will add £2 each.
  • Remaining surface locks will add £4.
  • Remaining handles will add £10.

Standard Sized Internal Door Stripping Cost

Stripping a solid timber standard sized internal door (around 30″ x 78″) with all the ironwork removed will cost £40 +VAT per door.

Large Sized Internal Door Stripping Cost

Large doors always take up much more room and are also heavier. Due to this there is a variable increased charge. A door just a little bit bigger than standard would be charged at around £45 +VAT whereas a much larger door could cost up to £55 +VAT.

Small Sized Internal Door Stripping Cost

We can strip small doors upon request, prices vary, contact us with your measurements for a quick quote.

Stained Glass Panel Repair / Rebuild Service

We also offer stained glass repair and a rebuild service. We can remove your glass panel, board up the space and refit it once the glass is ready. Glass repair or rebuild usually takes between two to four weeks of time depending on how busy we are. Costs vary and depend upon damage and design.

Please get in touch with us for quote.

Hardwood & External Door Hand Stripping Service

Hardwoods and external doors do not dip well, we highly recommend you to not use this method to strip them!

As an alternative we offer a hand stripping service. Although this costs more than dipping (due to costly chemicals used by hand) this process produces brilliant results with hardwoods. Hand stripping prevents any further moisture being added to the door, this is key when refinishing later down the line.

Very little further preparation would be needed and the wood will better maintain it’s value. Another benefit worth considering is that this method will lighten oak etc, making it’s appearance fit in well with modern decor.

Same Day Hand Stripping Cost

Exterior doors can be hand-stripped within one working day upon request. Please contact us to book a date and time for this service, which costs upwards of £280 +VAT depending on the size of the door.

Local Collection/Delivery – £15 +VAT

If you are local to Stockport we are able to collect and deliver your door/s. The door should be removed to be ready for collection, with all ironwork also removed.

If your door has glass in it we cannot take responsibility for any damage caused by the stripping process. We always advise glass removal prior to treatment, especially stained glass.

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