Three Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Front Door

Three Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Front Door

Replace Your Old Front Door

Many of us have a list of DIY jobs as long as our arm, so choosing somewhere to start can be difficult. In today’s blog post we are encouraging you to get started on your DIY mission by finally replacing your old front door. It’s a great task to start with as there are many fantastic benefits which will come as a result.

1 – Improve the appearance and value of your home

A beautiful and well-maintained new front door will vastly improve the appeal of your home and make you stand out on your street. In an article for, Hugo Tugman (owner of Architect Your Home) pointed out that when viewing a house to buy, most people won’t even go in to look at the interior if the exterior of the house is unappealing.

Even if you are not planning to sell your property any time soon, a new front door will give your exterior and interior hallway a real lift. All for only a little bit of time and effort to get going. It is a very exciting and fun time to choose your dream door.

Brighten your entrance with bespoke glass

Stained glass panels are a fantastic option for adding a splash of colour and style to your front door. If your home is Victorian period, opt for floral motifs. Art Nouveau works for Edwardian houses and 1930s–1950s houses will suit an Art Deco style, such as a sunburst motif.

2 – A new front door will improve your energy efficiency

Replace your worn-out front door with something newer and more energy efficient. This will save you money on heating bills while cutting out cold drafts. A new door can help your home feel a little more cosy and warm.

Did you know: Wooden front doors are naturally energy efficient, as well as being a more “green” alternative to uPVC. However, you will need to weatherproof your front door to protect it from the elements (and extend the door’s life) first.

3 – Replacing your old front door will improve security

This tip is especially important for those replacing broken, old or hollow front doors. Poorly maintained doors make it easier for thieves to enter your home! A burglar will scour the streets looking for easy entry into a home, don’t become a victim of crime! A well hung, solid exterior door will significantly improve your home’s security, providing an effective barrier against intruders.

Audit your home security while replacing your front door. Consider installing a high quality deadbolt. Some homes have deadbolts with exposed screws or made low quality materials, these should be replaced with a more robust lock.

At Traditional Front Doors, we offer some of the most secure locks on the market today.

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